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Drinking water treatment equipment

Improved backwash efficiency in gravimetric filters

Aries: Controlled Air System Installation and Operation without Modifications in its Structure.

By bubbling from the bottom of the filter bed, the particles adhering to the bed solids are removed. Once in operation the retro wash with the turbulence rises the filtering medium of gravel and positions the structure on the bottom.

With this system it reduces turbidity in the effluent and increases the water quality criteria

Reduce wash times by increasing production.

Improves average filtration as a new condition

Easy installation without changing the filter bed.

Reduces water consumption in the backwash producing a cost savings.

Stainless Steel construction.

Designed to operate in conjunction with the existing drainage system.


False Trilateral funds Underdrain type «Leopold» for backwashing air / water and only water. Maximum uniformity and efficiency.

Close holes prevent dead spaces, eliminating the danger of water hits, with minimal error in the distribution.

Fluid operation without blockages of holes.

Lightweight funds for easy handling.

Made of HDPE resistant to corrosion and high strength.

Smooth surface without problems of calcification.


It provides the ability to build or rehabilitate prefabricated and monolithic funds with easy profitability and effectiveness.

The most profitable means of gaining free space.

Convert your existing Wheeler Bottom to a lower gravel configuration, without the expensive demolition of the filter as it involves important time for your company.

It does not compromise the structural and hydraulic characteristics of your existing treatment plant.

Eliminate the need for porcelain spheres and gravel beds.

Improves drainage return.

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