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Marine equipment


The Parker Hanifin Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants - Village Marine Tec. Are designed and built with high level engineering according to the specifications of the US Navy and the International Standards for the production of drinking water and the best anticorrosive materials, such as titanium and stainless steel. With an experience of 35 years we are undisputed leaders in the marine area and in recognition of this Village Marine Tec has been distinguished with the "AEGIS Excellence Award" granted by "Bath Iron Works Corp."

Fresh Drinking Water from the Sea


Marine Line

Standard Plants, from the LW of 800 LPD to for Carriages and Cruise Ships of thousands of passengers of more than 80,000 LPD.

Industrial Line

Standard plants for commercial applications up to 100,000 LPD in seawater modalities. Also for higher production needs, upon delivery of a preliminary study.

Sand and Activated Carbon Filters

Sand Filters and Cyclonic Separators pre-Reverse Osmosis.

Oily Waters Separators

Portable Reverse Osmosis Plants, backpack for emergency situations.


Ultraviolet disinfection

Disinfection by Ozonization

Chlorine Generators by Seawater Electrolysis

Disinfection by bromine

Disinfection by Chlorination

K.C. Ltd. has been dedicated to the design and production of corrosion protection, anti-fouling and such relevant equipment. With the prominent quality and numerous references of the source K.C.Ltd.

The fouling problem arises when barnacles, mussels and other lower forms of marine life such as larvae enter the pipe systems and settle on the inner surface of the pipes where they grow and multiply rapidly.

In the most extreme cases, complete lines of seawater can be blocked, affecting the operational safety and capacity of the vessel. In other cases, the gradual restriction in the flow of sea water through cooling systems can impair the efficiency of the engine, which leads to an increased use of fuel.

In operation, the copper anode produces ions that are transported by seawater and taken to the system of pipes and equipment beyond.

Although the concentrations of copper in solution are extremely small, that is, less than 2 parts per billion, they are enough to prevent marine life from becoming established and multiplying. At the same time, the slow dissolution of the aluminum / iron anode produces ions that propagate throughout the system and produce an anticorrosive layer on the inner surface of the pipes. In this way, the antifouling system provides complete and continuous protection to pipes, valves and condensers, as well as vital fire fighting, cooling and air conditioning equipment.