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Sewage treatment equipment

SPYDER: Removes or collects sediment sludge at specific points

  • Free of mantenimient.
  • Independent sludge collection points.
  • Manufactured in non-corrosive materials.
  • Free of mantenimient.

With this system it reduces turbidity in the effluent and increases the water quality criteria

Reduce wash times by increasing production

Improves average filtration as a new condition

Easy installation without changing the filter bed

Reduces the consumption of water in the retro wash producing a saving in costs

Stainless Steel construction

Designed to operate in conjunction with the existing drainage system

MICROWEDGE: Sludge dewatering system

Improves the capture of solids and dewatering them. Use duck tail connections to eliminate the need for fasteners.

Maximizes the recovery and reuse of water.

Provides ultraviolet stabilization.

Reduce investment capital.

Greater efficiency of space than traditional drying courts.

Easy to Operate

The size of the folder can be adjusted to any use.

Removal and Separator of Solids. (Automatic Fine Bars).

Easy to install

Reliable operation

Sieve with stair step type.

Download by gravity.

Thin 3 mm slots.

Built in Stainless Steel.

Easy to Operate

Low maintenance

Transfer of Solids. Endless screws, conveyor belts and compactors.

The conveyor is ideal for the transfer of solids from the fine automatic grids to garbage or compaction containers.

The compactor screw has a high drainage capacity and has the option to turn off only in case it detects excess load.

Manual and automatic grinding grids, grit chambers and sand extractors.

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Diffusers of thick and thin bubbles of membrane, ceramics and in stainless steel.

Floating wooden baffles.

DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)

LEOPOLD Filtration Systems for tertiary wastewater treatment.

Treatment with bacteria and enzymes to enhance septic tanks, sedimentation lagoons of sludge and treatment plants in general, both anaerobic and aerobic.

Sewage and wastewater pumping pumps.

Air Blowers